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The size and majestic nature of the Baobab, the Tree of Life, highlights who we are at CAPOIL.

Its roots run deep, just like our local ground knowledge. Its branches are strong and intertwined, forming a complex yet delicate network connecting our people and our customers. Its fruit is versatile and multi functional – showcasing our multi faceted innovative solutions.

As Capoil, we see ourselves as your partners in breathing new life into your business by unlocking tangible value for you on a sustainable basis through our petrochemical supply chain solutions. Our experience shelters you from options that may limit your strategy and provides you the shelter you need to sustain and grow your business. Your business is our business and thus, we work relentlessly day and night to empower your success.

Our global and local relationships provide our clients with diverse procurement options at exceptional prices both within South Africa and SADC at large.

Problem-solving is in our DNA. 

It is inextricably wired into the very essence of who we are as Capoil and is evident in everything that we do. We don’t believe that any challenge is insurmountable. Our overwhelming passion for our clients empowers our relentless drive to add consistent value to their businesses and to thus work with them in positively changing the African and global landscape.

Our collective team experience, network and relationships afford us the knowledge and access to multiple options such that we are always able to find the optimal bespoke supply solution for each client. We are not just a supplier. We are your partner.

All Capoil products are either refined in South Africa or imported through the major Global Trading Houses and from some of the biggest international refiners.

Our product is tested by internationally respected surveyors to ensure that it meets both the SABS and OIPES specifications.

Attention to detail ensures that products arrive at our clients free of contaminants.


To be the preferred primary petrochemicals supply solution partner to non-refining trading entities and endusers across the African continent.


To sustainably unlock value for our clients by providing innovative solutions to each of their supply chain challenges. To provide end-to-end petrochemical supply chain solutions to our clients in a mutually profitable manner.


  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Accessibility
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability

Fuel Supply Security

Capoil has well-established relationships with the leading global multi-national petroleum trading companies domiciled in London, Geneva, Singapore and Dubai and also with all the South African refiners, thus giving it sustainable access to product supply across multiple markets. This, coupled with its unique understanding of the pricing structures in each market that it trades in, allows it to optimize its supply chain solutions and consistently deliver value to its clients. Within South Africa, we have access to all the major oil terminals countrywide and as such empower our clients with national growth scope.

Our Team

Thor Sellar is the founder and Executive Chairman of Capoil.

He is a globally recognized supply chain and business process specialist in the petroleum industry having successfully executed various high-level Pan-African roles for Chevron Corporation.

Over the years, Thor has built a significant armada of unique skills such as:

  • Sarbanes Oxley and King code certification.
  • High level proficiency in SAP and OPENERP, MS Access, Visual Basic for applications, MS Project, Office Productivity suites, PHP, CSS, Joomla, WordPress and many other business process software applications.

His exceptional relational skills have allowed him to successfully manage executive teams across multiple continents and diverse cultures in an inclusive and mutually respectful environment. He has multiple accolades to his name including:

  • Instituted the Inaugural Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment fuels supplier in South Africa.
  • Redesigned the Durban and inland supply chain, opening up this geographical area to surplus equity barrels that were previously exported – improvement in EBIT in excess of $3 million per annum.
  • Reduced dependency on Durban refiners resulting in significantly improved leverage for buy-sell negotiations resulting in incremental value of over USD 25 million over the period.
  • Successfully rolled out the Area Operating Planning process in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania.
  • Reviewed global and local factors affecting Southern African bunker market thereby unlocking over $360million in EBIT from 2008 to date.

Denzil October is the current Chief Operating Officer of Capoil.

He is a seasoned career oil industry professional with over thirty consecutive years of industry experience in various regional and local executive roles with multinational companies such as BP, Engen and the Independent Petroleum Group of Kuwait.

His work ethic and unique skill set have resulted in many significant industry-changing accomplishments such as:

  • IPG – established a trade book of over half a mid-range tanker of gas-oil per month from a zero base in under seven months.
  • BP – shifted the bulk of revenue base from spot volumes to term volumes and increased the overall trade volumes by 50% to over 1 billion litres per annum within eleven months.
  • BP – restructured BP South Africa’s logistics and distribution framework within South Africa and Mozambique to unlock over 450,000 m3 of capacity per annum with a commercial value of over a billion Rands.
  • Engen – Restored R500 million “locked’ value to the balance sheet through judicious of strategic management of supply and trade partner.
  • Department of Energy – Appointed National Logistics Planning Team Head around fuel supply security over a seven-year period.
  • Department of Energy – Appointed Global Head FIFA – SA Organising Committee Fuel supply security.
  • Founding director of IFISA – The Independent Fuel Importers of South Africa, a non-profit organisation focused on transformation and empowerment within the petroleum sector in South Africa.

Refueling Solutions

Capoil offers various on-road and home-based refueling solutions to our customers. We can supply into customer-owned and managed tanks, or provide a full turnkey solution which is wholly managed by Capoil that includes vehicle/equipment consumption management.

Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Supply and installation of tanks.
  • Management and maintenance of tanks.
  • Automatic tank gauging and replenishment management.
  • Online statements and usage reports.
  • One payment per month.

Capoil Truck Stops

Capoil is establishing a network of strategically located Truck Stops throughout South Africa. We really have the truck drivers in mind, and we have engaged with the top consultants in Africa to create the ultimate destinations for truck drivers to refuel their trucks and themselves. We aim to give truck drivers everything that they need after a long-haul drive.

Our Sites will feature:

1. Convenience – strategically located on main-routes and highways.

2. Wide entrances.

3. Extra-high canopies to cater for all sizes of trucks.

4. High-speed diesel pumps for faster and more efficient refueling.

5. High quality amenities which include:

      • Shower facilities.

      • Consistently clean ablution facilities.

      • Fresh home style cooking.

      • A great range of refreshments and groceries.

6. Guaranteed quality fuel and lubricants at great value for money.

7. High level security with both physical security and CCTV.

8. 24-7 access.

9. Proprietary card payment system across all Truck Stops.

All of these elements help us to consistently be the Truck Stop destination of choice. Our first site will be opening soon, in Cape Town.

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